Knox E-Fota


Manage Android OS versions across your fleet and ensure the right version is deployed to every device, at the right time. Have confidence in app stability with seamless updates, all pushed without interrupting work flow for maximum productivity.

Ensure every device operates on the OS version best suited for your business

  • Prevent devices from unwanted, automatic OS version upgrades for any amount of time.
  • Choose the OS version you want to apply to all corporate devices – ensuring it works well with your proprietary apps and device models. Supports choosing from non-latest versions.
  • Employ beta-testing on sample devices first and deploy fully qualified OS version to fleet with no unwanted surprises.

Trigger mandatory firmware updates for every device, no matter what state they are at

  • Enforce system software update without end-user interaction for seamless control of device update schedules.
  • Ensure total oversight by monitoring cloud-based dashboard for update status.

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